Episode 5

Episode 5

- Andorine, since you know everything, tell me, where did Dragons come from?
- Before their existence, Chinese people lived in tribes under the protection of kind spirits that were represented by animals. And they lived between work and their obligation of taking care and defending their guardian animal. 
- The fishermen took care of the rivers and the fish.
- The writers took care of the mountains and birds.
- The horsemen took care of the plains and horses.
- The artists took care of the seas and snakes.
- The farmers took care of the rice fields and the buffalos.

- To defend their guardian animals, they were in constant war with each other. One day, the children from all the provinces gathered to put an end to all those senseless wars. They decided to create an animal that would protect them all at the same time. That animal would have to be lively as a fish, smart like a snake, free as a bird, fast as a horse and strong as the buffalo.
- For that, they put together the snake’s body and glue them the fish scales; then added the horse’s head and the buffalo’s horns, and to finish, they added the bird’s legs. This animal that could face the seas, soar through the skies and ride along the mountains, was named Dragon. From this day on, the dragon became the guardian animal of many provinces of China… And I know one that has been sleeping for many years in the city of Shanghai. Would you like to come and meet him?
 - Yes, lets go!

- Come, climb up my wings. Here we go! Hold on tight!
- Andorine, what a big city this is, the lights are bright…. and there is movement everywhere. I have never seen skyscrapers this big. It’s a lot of fun flying between them.
- And your dragon friend, where is he?
- We are almost there… here he is. He’s the last of the guardians of the city. He is asleep down there. A monk found him many years ago when Men were building these roads.
- And didn’t he wake up with all the noise?
- Yes he did, and he was angry! To apologize, men built him this monument. Do you see these nine dragons sleeping sculpted in bronze? They symbolize “long life”… And it’s through their eyes and my dragon friend's eyes that Shanghai is protected and their inhabitants prosper and live happy.
What an amazing adventure! Let's keep on flying and dreaming about dragons ...

Author Adélia Carvalho