Episode 2

Episode 2

- Andorine, where are we going?
- We’re going as the wind flows, and soon we’ll see where it takes us.
- How beautiful is the ocean from up here, Andorine. I’ve never liked feeling the wind in my face so much.
- This is going to be an unforgettable journey.

- You know, Andorine, when I was younger, they used to say often at home that I wasn’t very right that I was very distracted and always went with the wind. At the time, I didn’t understand very well what it mean. But now, here, on your wings, I finally realize that going with the wind is to experience how to be free, it’s to want to know more and wishing to go beyond.
- For me, going with the wind is to run after the spring colors.
- And how do we do that, Andorine?
- It’s easy. On your tippy toes, with your chin up and nose up high. You’ll soon feel the smell of color. But we have to be aware. Sometimes, the wind likes to trick us and it mixes the colors and the smells. Today, the wind tastes like blue, an ocean blue, a blue that invites us to fly free and happy, that tells us to be curious and fearless.

- Andorine, I think I see that blue in the horizon. It’s such a beautiful blue… a blue that doesn’t mind mixing with other colors and together dance to the sound of trumpets, clarinets, and saxophones. And people seem so happy when dancing!
- Do you want to go there?
- Yes, Andorine, take me on your wings and fly into that stronger blue, where the lights tickle our eyelashes and we’ll play until dawn. This is the city of angels where all the dreams are possible.

Author Adélia Carvalho