Episode 3

Episode 3

- Andorine, where will we go this time?
- We’re heading North…. we’re going to Russia to meet a very special friend. But hold on tight to my wings, and put on a beanie and some gloves. In this country, we’ll feel very cold…we need to be warm!
- And who is this special friend? 
- His name is Ivan. He’s a prince and knows the secrets to friendship better than anyone. He understands the language of the birds… Some say he has a wonderful voice and that he learned to sing from the birds…
- Andorine, I think this prince is like me because you’re also a bird, and I can understand your language.
- Yes, it’s true, we also know the secret of true friendship… And now hold on tight, we’re going to start our journey!
- I already feel the cold on my nose. Look, bellow I see a valley surrounded by very tall mountains, a lot of pine trees, so many we can’t count them. And in the middle a river runs with crystal clear water.
-  What you’re seeing now are the golden mountains of Altai – said Andorine – and we’ll land close to the Kronotskaia volcano, because it’s warmer. With some luck, we may see the Snow Leopard, it only shows up when it feels it can trust… And then we’ll have to look for a little wooden cabin, that’s where Ivan lives.
- Look Andorine, there’s the cabin, I found it…
As soon as they got close, Andorine and the prince had a big hug as only friends can…and they talked for hours…
- You know, Ivan, this little boy and I come from a far way country. We came to ask you how did you learn the bird’s language…
- It was a present from a baby bird’s mother that I once saved… As a reward, she gave me the gift of understanding all birds. Every night I go out to my palace’s balcony and, with all the other birds, we sing happy songs, so that they travel through these frozen mountains and lead the way home to those who are lost… Some say our melodies reach those who are sad… and sometimes they even make flowers of every colours bloom.

Author Adélia Carvalho