Episode 4

Episode 4

- Andorine, where are we going this time?
- This time you'll be the one to choose. Where do you feel like going?
- I would like to go to a warm place where I can run and roll around on the floor. A place where I could imagine that I was a cowboy and had a horse and an Indian as a friend, and together we would go on a great adventure. Do you know any place like this?
- I don’t think so, but jump on my wings and together I'm sure we'll find it.
- Hold on tight! Here we go! Look what a beautiful day it is today. The sun seems to have been dressed in gold only for us, and the clouds are so clear and soft that it makes us want to lie in them.
- Andorine, the world is so full of color but you always carry the same. Aren’t you sad that you don’t have colored feathers like many other birds?
- Of course not. I really like my colors. That way I can go around discreetly during my flights, and when I reach my destination, people already know me. And then, with the simplicity of my color, I announce the spring. The flowers bloom in a festival of colors, and I have a lot of fun playing with them. I have a world of colors just for me. Do you want to play the game of colors? It’s very easy, I say a color, and you have to find it, and then it's my turn.
- Yes, I find it amusing, but up here I only see the color of the sun and the color of the clouds.
- That's because you're not used to search for them. I'm going to fly a little lower, and we're sure to find many colors.
- Look, Andorine, down there I see some rocks with many colors. It seems like a warm and good place to roll around on the floor.
- Yes, I see it too, and I hear children laughing, let's go there. It seems like a good place to start our game.
- I am the first to begin, and I say to find the color blue.
- I found a rock with the color blue.
- It's me now, and I say red!
- I found a chameleon that has it!
- And now find the color black…
- That's very easy: it's on my wings!
- Now you have to find reddish brown.
- I just have to roll around the floor to find that one.
- And to finish, I say pink.
- I found a flower with that color. This game is so much fun!
- Yeah, it's a lot of fun! It reminds me of spring when nature slowly invites us to discover all the colors.
- Now, where are we going?
- I do not know, but we'll keep discovering the unknown, and I know we're going to have a lot of fun and meet a lot of new friends."

Author Adélia Carvalho