Episode 6

Episode 6

This is the story of Mia, a little star who lived in the sky with her star sisters, her dear father, the Sun, and her peaceful mother, the Moon. It’s the story of a big family living in perfect harmony.

But Mia felt restless… She wished she could jump like the children playing on the beach, and swim like the fish jumping thru the waves. She spent her days longing for that day to come.
One night, Mia decided she wanted to leave. She wanted to discover the world below her. But she was afraid...That was when a swallow showed up. The little bird stared at her, spread its wings and said “Do not be afraid. Believe in the strength of the sea”.

So Mia closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and dove into the sea!

Down there everything was new! Happy to move freely, she spent the rest of the night exploring the bottom of the sea. She started by learning to breathe with a blue fish and to swim with a silver dolphin. She then learned to dance with a mermaid who noticing her intense glow baptized her as “sea star”.
In the morning, Mia looked up and saw a bright and warm light. She decided to go up as fast as possible! When she got to the top, her eyes looked up to the sky where she saw her father, the Sun. She waved at him and said “I’m here, don’t worry! And I’m still a star…but I’m now a sea star! And I promise I will come up to visit you every day”.
The Sun looked at the little star, smiled and said “And I’ll be here, to wake you up and give you warmth”. 

The sky, now seen from below, was beautiful... 

Since that day, every night, the mother Moon sings a love song that travels through the sky and the seas. A song of love that is bigger than ever, not only the size of the sky but also the size of every sea and ocean on Earth.

And as it seems, this is how sea stars were born...

Author Adélia Carvalho