We offer two different lines with garments that children can match to create looks at their pleasure.

SPECIAL EDITION The special edition line consists of memorable pieces, conveying a sense of quality and attention to detail, thoughtfully designed to suit the children’s needs. We are inspired by each of Andorine’s adventures and the dream and freedom of flying. Andorine offers a selection of heavenly soft doublé woven knits, with the gentlest touch, finished with contemporary detailing for a bit of modernity. Lovingly designed exclusive items for special occasions, but always with comfort and functionality in mind. All of our garments and accessories are designed and manufactured around Porto.

Both luxury and comfort are crucial when selecting the best fabrics, based on natural fibers like cotton and wool.

COLLECTION Our approach is all about comfort, easy wear, freedom and joy. Our lifestyle wear offers cool and practical pieces for children aged between 2 and 12 years. The basics, printed with a wide range of techniques, enrich the collection and are ideal for laid back everyday use, with our signature. They allow for spontaneous matching that expresses the child’s personal look.

With a wide range of basic pieces, fashion and accessories, it’s an easygoing line that mostly doesn’t require ironing or any special care.